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Secrets about Me

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 26, 2014, 6:19 PM

My spirit animal is the fox.  Many people think this is an odd choice, but I believe that God gave each of us an animal we identify with and we don't get much choice in what we connect with.  In physical attributes I may not be a fox.  I'm not very good looking and I'm large and full of muscles.  I chose the fox due to its values and mental attributes.  The fox will not go seeking a fight, bur nor will they shy from one.  They're calculating and damn near invisible if they want to be.

I've chosen the Christian faith not because I was raised in it, but because I've spent years researching different religions and I feel it has enough historical standing and truth that it is the faith for me.  Plus after a tour of Afghanistan, I can say in certainty that I believe in angels.  That is a story for another time.

I chose my wife :icontoxickiba: because I know if I were to get into an altercation she'd be in the fray with me.  it helps that she is an awesome mother to our daughter and when we aren't bouncing through rough patches; she is my best friend.

I still haven't found "The" career, but I've held several majors including: Physics, History Education, English Education, History, and Electrical Engineering.  I'm a Combat Medic, and Nationally Registered & State Registered EMT.  I've been a firefighter, waiter, security guard, and cook.  My passion however will always be in the arts, specifically: Writing, Photography, and Design.

It's no secret that I'm a dog lover.  I love all Chihuahuas are not dogs, they are rats that resemble dogs.  I prefer bigger dogs, not because I'm a MAN or because I'm TOUGH, but because I love for my dogs to throw their paws on my shoulders, look me in the eye, and give me a doggy hug.  Love you BEAR.

My love for music is varied like my love for art.  I have a genre of both that I adore though.  ALT Rock and Art Nouveau.  Though all things considered nothing inspires my writing more than Folk Music, mostly from Ireland, but also Hawaii, Finland, and New Zealand.  Linkin Park is for the most part my favorite band, but imagine dragons is a close second.  Art Nouveau blows my mind in print, paint, and architecture.  I love it.  I adore it.

Books are a weakness of mine.  I've dropped hundreds of dollars at Barnes and Noble.  I love everything from Manga to Reference to Fantasy to Historical biographies.  I need shelves for my shelves if that gives you any indication as to my addiction.  OH WHAT ABOUT KINDLE? *$&# Kindle.  Hard copies is where its at.  Curl in bed and feel the pages on my fingers.

I'm an American, but I deeply cherish my Scottish and Irish roots.  Knowing where you come from tells a lot about who you are as a person.  I'm not an apple and tree kind of guy even though my path follows my father's very closely by complete accident, but I believe it does play a small factor.  I'm a warrior at heart and I believe that's because of where my gene pool comes into play.  I'm a fight over flight every time and I'm not afraid to get bloody.

I believe in the power of words.  I believe they start and end wars.  I believe the absence of words speaks volumes.  Names hold power and nothing can be unspoken.  With that in mind I was not graced with a verbal filter and I think far faster than I speak.  It's been a hard journey to control my mouth.

I love as easily as I break hearts.  I learned to manipulate people at a young age and I've become very good at it.  Due to me feeling what those around me feel, I've tried not to influence or manipulate those around me.  I am not always successful.  I'm a sinner not a saint.  I can be arrogant and very narcissistic.  I'm confident and know what I want.  I'm a killer and a healer, an Angel of Death.  I'm human.  I love serving in the military and no, unless you're among my close friends, you'll never know more about my service than that.

I am always open to questions in regards to me, my thoughts, my views, etc etc etc.  No one should ever fear coming to me and asking personal questions.  The worst I can do is not answer.  Unless you come out with; "Can I screw your wife?" Then you'll eat my fist, elbow, or foot depending and then your dessert will be some sort of hard surface.  Online for you clever punks out there will get a block and some nasty words not in that order.

I bid you a good whatever time of day it is and thank you for learning more about me.  I love me. 


United States
Writer, soldier


Wed Feb 26, 2014, 4:59 PM


You've died and gone to.... 

2 deviants said Iceland
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